An Example Of The Legendary Albino Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542

I think it is fair to say that most people believe there is such a thing as a white dial reference 6542 GMT in 2015. After all, we know that there was such a thing as an Albino Explorer and an Albino Daytona. Although,hoestly speaking, if you ask me, I would rather to choose the 6610.

There were stories about white dial 6542’s, but the online community had never seen a convincing one. Until collector, dealer, and vintage Rolex enthusiast Stefano Mazzariol published the story on his blog in February, 2010.

The first time I saw the watch was on the instagram page of long-time Japanese dealer East Crown. I admit that in the beginning I was doubtable, until my friend Lewis (who writes Bring A Loupe for us) told me that he had talked to K, the merchant’s son, and according to some photos, the watch seemed very perfect. Then, to confirm that I talked with Andrew Shear, who agreed that he thought the best watches for men was 100% correct.

So, you can say that I am very interested. After all, the Albino GMT is really emphasizing vintage Rolex nerd lore at this point, I had never seen one. I had to admit that this men watch is clean. This is one of my all time favorite watches, 6542 GMT, and it really makes the entire look of the watch more casual in some way than the smooth black dials I am used to seeing on this reference.

Now the case and the bezel in which the 6542 panels are actually worthy of their own story, are in the apparent preservation conditions for this age to see. I am not sure if this gent watches was born in or into the sharp dial dial case and bezel – I know the special dial was replaced in some cases, under the condition of strong, but no matter, this watch for men is purely spectacular. Oh, to answer the question that a lot of people want to know, no there isn’t a “PAN-AM” logo engraved on the back.